XL-Mentoring (Ottery)

What is XL-Mentoring (OSM)

XL-Mentoring is about giving young people hope.

We believe that the issues many young people face today require a relational response and that mentoring a young person is a powerful way to see change happen.

Started in 2019, TheO6’s Mentoring Project ‘s aim is to effectively support young people in choosing to:

> Improve behaviours, self-esteem & life skills.

> Stay in school and succeed in education.

> Improve relationships with family, peers teachers and others in the community.

> Set goals for the future and work hard to achieve them

By meeting up with up with a young person outside of school each week for a minimum of 12 months, mentors have an opportunity to be a consistent and persistent role model who will have a positive and lasting impact upon their lives and futures.

XL-Mentoring (OSM) Core Principles

  • Our Youthwork is rooted in trusted relationships

  • Mentoring isn’t done TO or FOR but WITH young people and their families

  • We work together in partnerships with local communities

  • We strive to create a platform for young people to celebrate their talents and abilities.

The Aims of XL-Mentoring (OSM)

  • Establish a consistent, trusting, positive, role model relationship
  • Elevate their self esteem and aspirations
  • Engage them in positive activities
  • Emphasise the need to remain in education and achieve
  • Equip them with skills for life
  • Explore possibilities for the future
  • Empower them to identify and achive personal goals
  • Enable them to grow in family and community relationships
  • Encourage positive friendship choices.

How do I go about finding a mentor?

Whether it is for yourself or for your child we can sort out a mentor for you. The first thing that needs to be done is to contact your local school or agency in Ottery St Mary and ask that you are interested in a mentor through TheO6. They will then contact us and in turn we will then contact you. We will then begin the process of matching the right mentor with the mentee. The whole process will be explained in full at the beginning of the application process.

For further information please contact Graham Harry on graham@theo6.org.uk or telephone 07398 117173 

You can also down load a copy of our leaflet here