Not what we planned for

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Well, the new year hasn’t started quite as we hoped for has it? As I write this, we are one week into a potential 3 month lockdown. Whilst not at all unexpected it has been quite a shock again to the system. For TheO6 and me personally it means all physical school and youth work has been suspended again. And adhering to government advice I am now working 100% from home. Some online work is happening but, like me, I think people are getting pretty fed up with Zoom (other platforms are available). Things had been going pretty well and had become very busy but now it has come to a bit of a barrier. However, changes in plans are nothing new and God still works through all that we are doing. I was reminded this week that there are many occasions in the bible where things don’t go as planned. Moses and the children of Israel; and the feeding of the Five thousand to name but a couple stories. On what about Mary and Joseph. Their plans were pretty much turned upside down when Mary found out she was expecting. But in these stories we can see some important points. One, that sometimes there are detours with our plans, sometimes there are hurdles. Sometimes a new approach is needed. However, the end point, the goal remains the same. Let’s not worry about the journey – focus on the end goal. Secondly God can do something absolutely amazing in these difficult times. If the crowd hadn’t followed Jesus and forgot to bring any food then we wouldn’t have seen the amazing miracle that is the feeding of the five thousand. Maybe during this lockdown our plans have been interrupted for something amazing to take place. Finally, all that we experience, all that we learn from these difficult times will stand us in good stead for the future. All the creative new ideas coming forth, the slowing down of life and the love being shared could indeed make a future brighter. So as TheO6 slows down, as it’s plans are interrupted because of lockdown 3.0 all I can do is put my trust in God and let him lead me through these times

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