Unusual Times

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I am writing this from the comfort of my one bedroom flat having heeded the advice from the government to work from home if at all possible as a result of the Covid:19 virus. This is somewhat easier as all my face to face with young people and schools has been cancelled. This is a really sad thought that i will not be able to physically work with the people I care for and support. Unusual times eh! But does this mean I am redundant. I think not….far from it. There is plenty to do and I am not just talking about catching up with paperwork. You see, you don’t stop caring and supporting young people if you cannot physically be with them. During these difficult and somewhat scary times young people need as many people around them to care for them, guide them and reassure them. In these coming days I will be looking at how I can continue to support the young people and families in TheO6 area – looking to social media, virtual meeting platforms, email lists and so on. I will be spending my time praying – praying for the young people, local families, my O6 volunteers (many of whom are vulnerable), local organisations, the health service and so on. I will also be planning ahead – getting ahedd of the game so to speak.

These unusual times don’t mean doing anything. I will miss my church visits and services. However, I must admit I did smile when I read the recent announcement from the Church of England, which basically said to do church in a different way, supporting each other. I smiled because that is what church was always intended to be. We, and not the building are the church and it is our role to love and care for one another – SHOWING and SHARING the Gospel. This is definitely for such a time as this. I will not be redundant in these unusual times. I will fill my time with being the Church – Loving and Caring for the young people and families that I have grown to love and care about. So, please Be Safe everyone, remember social distancing and washing your hands. I look forward to speaking to you all soon.

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