Trust in the Lord Your God

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This is something we say a lot and we hear a lot. And for the most part its pretty easy in theory – especially when talking about other people’s situations. However when it comes to our own situations – we are sometimes hesitant to completely trust God with whatever we are facing and wholeheartedly leave it in his lap so to speak. My experience though tells me is that when I trust God he always meets that need. Time and time again, against all the odds, God has always come through. And when he does I always say – I knew he would, but deep inside I ask myself did I? In the past year or so TheO6 has been looking for funds to not only keep my role as Youth Pastor but also for me to go from part time to full time. At the beginning the sums we were talking about were so large, so insurmountable that you did humanly ask “Is it going to happen?” “Can we do this?” Even a couple months ago it was pretty tight. However, I felt completely at peace about this. I had a confidence that God would meet that need. And what happened God came through. Did I expect anything else? Not only did God provide what we needed but he gave more. And I find this is what God does. When I have completely trusted God I have found that he gives in abundance – more than we expect. So I am very pleased and blessed to say that from the 20th February I will be working full time for TheO6 and I am so looking forward to what God has planned. Because when he releases funds….it means he has plans. God Bless you all.

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